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Theresa Tambos

In-training Reflexologist

I’m Theresa, and I help women and brides achieve their glowing, healthy skin goals. My integrative approach to skin considers everything including, nutrition and lifestyle factors, effective facial treatments, Dien Chan Zone face reflexology, and skincare routines’ s tailored to your skin’s needs. Finding a balanced combination.
Since, I believe in doing no harm to the body or skin, I only practice non-invasive facial treatments. I incorporate Dien Chan Zone face reflexology with all of my skin and wellness clients, as internal imbalances often manifest as a skin condition, and this help’s achieve results.

People are becoming more aware, and are looking for ways to take control of the health of their skin and body. I’m no different, I’m just like you. I was searching for a holistic approach to helping me through menopause. HRT just wasn’t going to be an option for me. I never knew my body could respond to touch the way it has, and I am forever changed. The more I practiced DCZ, the more in tune with my body I became. And, my daily practice is healing me on levels I cannot explain.

I will guide you through your carefully chosen protocol, and then it’s yours to keep. So easy to follow and incorporate into your life, but so effective. I encourage you to keep a journal of your progress, you’ll be surprised when you look back and see how far you’ve come!
When you’re ready, we will meet again and build on your experience…that is uniquely yours.

Theresa Tambos
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Stouffville, Ontario, Canada; online
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