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Merritt Knize


I am a holistic esthetician, providing facials and natural sugaring hair removal. I use my intuition, hands, and heart to bring inner and outer harmony to those I care for. I am passionate about using traditional modalities and trusting in the body's wisdom and innate ability to heal itself, and I try to be as "unplugged" as possible.

It is important to give the body its space and time to get closer to its own natural balance, which results in optimal health and vibrance of both the body as a whole and our skin. DCZ is a form of reflexology which works to create homeostasis within chosen organs by stimulating the zones on the face that reach the targeted areas. As specific points are stimulated, a signal is sent to the brain to restore correct function of the related organs.

Merritt Knize
Practicing since
Available for In-person
Hourly Rate
Austin, TX, USA
150$ (90$ for 30 mins)
Hourly Rate
150$ (90$ for 30 mins)
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