Hello curious person!

I’m a serial entrepreneur and investigator of Life’s mysteries. I spent 5 years living in Italy under the close guidance of my Facial a Reflexology trainer and master therapist Beatrice Moricoli. During those years I performed thousands of hours of hands on treatments both there and in the UK where I’m from originally.

These days my availability is reserved for DCZ training and support of Level 1 and 2 practitioners as well as offering 1:1 spiritual healing and alignment sessions plus energy Feng Shui.

Facial Reflexology remains one of my most prized tools that I’m always happy to provide instructions for privately or in occasional group workshops. Receivers who choose to work with me should be prepared to employ the self care maps daily for a minimum of 3 weeks following our consultation.

I love to work with the creational cycle of the 5 elements within and without. My other specialities are food intolerances and women’s health / empowerment.

To book please send an email to heart@mirrormedicine.com.

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