You Can't Have it Both Ways

You can’t feel strong and empowered and at the same time vulnerable to the ‘random’ attack of ill-ness or inevitable decline.

You can’t agree that the body is naturally intelligent beyond our capacity to understand and at the same time look upon your discomfort (physical or psychological) as an inconvenient / ill-fated / a mistake.

You can’t be devoted to nature as the healer of all healers and at the same time fill your cupboards with vitamins or supplements or tonics or rare exotic superfoods to be ingested every day forever.

Can you? Many people would identify with some or all of those contradictions because hardly anyone is talking about the real meaning of any and all dis-ease... to bring you back on track / closer to yourself / aligned to the energy of the universe. Into FLOW.

We don’t get ill because we are weak, we get ill so that we REMEMBER how to get well.

If you have forgotten, if you need guidance then it’s time to seek someone you trust to show you the way.

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