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Where does it Hurt?

Pay attention - don’t put any pressure on yourself to interpret or intuit... just sit with a pen and paper and list the places that by your definition hurt...

Do you have ongoing neck tension? Is it related to your work?

Do you have an injury anywhere in your body? An old wound or pain?

Do you get bloated when you eat at a certain time of day? Are there foods you avoid?

Is your menstrual cycle painful? Is your menopause a new kind of hell?

Are you prone to urinary infections? Do your ears ever ring?

Do you feel an emotional weight what just won’t shift? Where do you feel it?

If nothing seems very clear... invite a SENSE of where you are holding tension (we are all holding tension somewhere).

This is where we begin with our practice of facial reflexology... not with a clinical pathology, not with a search for the ‘cause’ of why we find ourselves in this state, not generally boosting the release of toxins, not with a mental puzzle to solve...

We begin with how you FEEL today. Then, using our simple framework (which entails cosmic complexity) we RESPOND by directly interacting with the place that hurts the most.

Taking care of the whole person - contrary to popular thinking - doesn’t mean we have to treat everything. Learning to heed the body’s signals is vital to making the most impact and achieving the greatest transformations.

If you’re looking for a simple, highly effective, fast-acting means of truly holistic care look no further. You are it - it is you.

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