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What are Symptoms?

Symptoms... no matter how small and seemingly ‘insignificant’ are your body’s way of speaking to you - of requesting energy - of letting you know precisely where there exists an imbalance in your circuitry. They manifest so that you may have the opportunity to address the issue and heal >>> rebalance your energy on all levels.

The key to connecting mind and body comes down to inviting our own awareness to bodily and psychological sensations, patterns of good function and patterns of disturbance, lingering mental / emotional experiences and and all kinds of pain or discomfort. This awareness is not difficult and does not require a degree in anatomy... just practice as it’s been conditioned away by our official medicine.

Do you experience frequent colds? Do you bruise easily? Ringing in the ears? Dry eyes? Are you prone to dizziness? Anxiety? Cramps and spasms? Headaches? Frequent urination? Food allergies or intolerances? Low libido? Nausea? Phobias? Difficulty breathing...?

Even if you don’t consider the issue worthy of a doctor’s visit - or if you’ve tried and come away without diagnosis or prescription... know that these symptoms - aka messages - are still important, valid and that there is something you can do! They are not there without reason.

I know that ‘treating the symptom’ isn’t quite in vogue amongst the alternative crowd but it’s the approach which has served traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Moreover, when we each begin to really LISTEN to our bodies in the present moment we actively usher in a ‘new’ era of self care at the heart of our medical system. This is needed, now more than ever.

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