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TCM indicates that our emotions must be balanced in order to provide each organ with an optimum flow of vital energy - supporting their function on all levels.

When they are experienced in disharmony, suppressed, exaggerated or unbalanced, they can give rise to ‘blockages’ which create symptoms.

The emotions connected to the winter period that we are experiencing now are governed by an energetic element we call WATER and are: FEAR and TERROR.


The organs primarily affected by the energetic imbalance presented by a state of fear or terror for a prolonged period are the Kidneys but other organs may also suffer.

FEAR pushes the energy downwards and hits the Stomach. In children it can manifest as nighttime fear or enuresis whereas adults with kidney problems and constitutional weakness may also be subject to:

Frequent urination


Low back pain

Ringing in ears

Hearing loss / ear disorders

Irrational fears / anxieties


Spontaneous / night sweats

Dry mouth

Premature graying / hair loss

Bone issues

A fear that is difficult to accept can sometimes be unconsciously transferred into a strong drive to undertake dangerous activities or pastimes that allow one to deal with it.

If the root cause of fear is not detected, the yang of the Kidney that is transported by the Triple Heater can exhaust the yin giving rise to disorders related to the Liver and Heart.

TERROR - this emotion is similar to fear, but much more intense. It’s associated with physical or emotional trauma which Interrupts or disperses Qi (energy) and affects the Kidneys and the Heart.

The Kidneys, which store the Qi for defense, can suddenly be dried up, while the Heart suffers from some severe disorder that is created in the mind. Such shock can manifest as:

Memory loss





Loss of consciousness

DCZ® allows you to bring yourself back into balance by treating the WATER element on your face for 21 consecutive days.

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