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If you can get past the usual resistance or association with bruised feet, reflexology is very fun to talk about. Academically and philosophically there are all kinds of implications that follow from self healing with the use of TOUCH alone.

Anyone can come to the level 1 class to learn all the basic maps on the face which inform you of where our body’s intelligence makes a connection via the nervous system between for example the nose and the uterus, the cheeks and the digestive system, the ears and the kidneys... .

Learning facial reflexology will bolster your curiosity and enhance your face reading ability. It will also provide you another certificate for your wall / treatment on your menu.

But unless you actually PRACTICE and apply these precious teachings they are wasted.

The technique I love to teach provides a powerful basis for self-healing and TRANSFORMATION.

You’ve probably heard that “change takes time”. In fact, time is not the primary factor. Change takes DEDICATION. It takes will. It takes sufficient desire and application of one’s attention.

I meet a lot of people seeking big changes immediately. Even with DCZ - one of the fastest-acting medicines on the planet - patience is required. This is nature’s way...

When you plant a seed you do not expect it to sprout and flower and produce fruits within the day.

Consistency in application will determine what DCZ gives you. My teacher Beatrice Moricoli always says this method is very generous - it’s return always far exceeds your input. In every case I’ve seen this is utterly true.

So, are you ready to invest in the easiest most practical, portable and effective natural and truly holistic therapy we each have access to?

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