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From the moment I lay my hands on a receiver:




Two fields unite



Spectator and performer at once

Discovering a new state

There are two common misunderstandings which restrict one’s work as a therapist:

1. The belief you need to ‘protect’ yourself from ‘absorbing’ the energy of another. If such a thing were truly possible all that you’d be doing is intentionally placing a barrier between yourself and your receiver, limiting what can unfold between you in name of a mental intervention.

2. The belief that to be the best therapist you need to study every practice and medical field out there as thoroughly as possible. Given that the mind is best left quiet so that the bodies’ intelligence may take over, this is a task that may complicate rather than optimise your service.

The act of therapy is one of the most intimate and extraordinary human interactions we can experience. There is only one vital ingredient >>> awareness of what you are doing right here and now. This is your primary responsibility.

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