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This is NOT a Beauty Trend

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

What facial reflexology is NOT:

A skin specialised technique.

What’s the number one thing you can do to care for your skin, improve it’s texture and appearance? Touch it!

With your touch you send attention, you recall energy and circulation of vital minerals, blood and what the ancient Chinese would call “chi”.

No, that doesn’t require the purchase of a specialised instrument. Start, for the most insight, with your hands! 🙌🏻

Yes, touch happens to be part of facial reflexology. And yes, for more beautifying results send some of your own love with the touch.

So yes, these benefits will be (and are by so many already) accrued when you come to practice the Dien Chan Zone technique.

But on much deeper levels you will recall energy to your organs, to your muscles, to your hormonal glands, to your skin… you will support balance in the energy of all subtle bodies too… at a distance from your face.

Don’t be sold short.

Discover the medicine and the profound healing potential of bringing your hands to your face.

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