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There is no Such Thing as "Imperfection"

There is no such thing as “imperfection”. The skin on your face provides a complex map of who you are, where you’ve been, how much you’ve loved, the pain you’ve overcome, the state of balance you currently embody... and so much more.

What if we were to wear our pimples with the same reverence as we do our gemstone necklaces? After all, they bear a healing message... What if we were to thank ourselves for the wrinkles we have earned. What if we were to trust that just as lines come they can also go?

What if we weren’t afraid of changes on our face but able to interpret their meaning?

And what if, all along, our radiance and our attractiveness had far more to do with our inner function as opposed to what can be seen?

Work on your inner beauty and your loving face will take care of itself. Know yourself, interpret your body’s messages and heed its call for alignment.

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