The Truth about Food

Food is an essential element in what it means to be a living bioform on this planet. The diets that fill magazines and sell books are mainly focused upon this most physical aspect of our intake. And they are popular because we mainly focus on the physical aspects of existence.

Foods are categorised, rated by property, measured by calories, analysed always with a specific motivation... Interpreted always as if it were a simple matter of “what goes in and how the body responds”. .

And yet... we are individuals with such varying needs to be healthy... mostly because we are not a mere physical mechanism. If we were there‘d be one book by now that served us all.

You see, it’s not really about WHAT we are eating... it’s about the way... the how, the where, the process.

It’s not really about the specific food stuff it’s about our care and attitude towards what is nourishing and our state as we ingest. Mental-emotional-spiritual (energetic) and physical (also energetic).

Food is actually a pretty minor part of the equation. Digestion is everything. .

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