The Power of Validation

"We desperately seek a diagnosis because we want validation.

I can say that because I've been there. I know that feeling you get when you KNOW there's something wrong, but your tests come back normal or worse... your doctor won't run the tests you need.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with needing validation. When you take a step back, though, you have to understand that you may never get it from a doctor or a diagnosis.

My Self-healers NEVER come to me to be reassured that what they're going through is normal... that they need to sleep more, or eat better, or (the worst) lose weight.

It's a tragedy that we get that kind of directive from some doctors, IMO.

WELL LET ME TELL YOU... I spent years getting every one of my diagnoses (except for lupus... that actually came out of nowhere and hit me right in the face). YEARS.

Usually it was several years before I could just convince a doctor to test me for something. I would doc hop with a list of bizarre lab tests a mile long, and get laughed out of their office, essentially, because they'd never heard of any of them. Eventually I had the tests done, and they confirmed everything I already knew.

All of that work just for the validation--- you're really sick.

The thing is, if it's autoimmune, what exactly is the diagnosis going to provide for you? ...and how accurate is the test (sometimes just 50%).

I chased down a TON of diagnoses over the past 10 years... and I finally got them. Now I take pride in shedding them.

I don't need the diagnosis, anymore. It doesn't serve me one bit. BUT when I was in your shoes, I felt like I needed it and I just want you to know you're not wrong to want validation. Whoever needs to hear this, you're concerns are valid.

Mystery illness is TOUGH... and your concerns are valid.” ~ Beautiful wisdom from @experimental_betty

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