The Lineage and the Essence

Our training path is reputed for its depth and quality. Over 30 years of research and development by DCZ® informs all of our content which has been at the forefront of education in English for the last 5 years.

But where does this “magic” originate?

Our teacher was trained by and maintains good relations with the creator of “Dien Chan” from Vietnam.

That name was given to a modern reformulation of a much more ancient and prevalent practice. If you have spent time in Vietnam you may have noticed how it is common practice to rub one’s nose before a flight or to aid a headache or stomach issue.

The touching of the face to influence the body (which they don’t call “reflexology” there) is a remnant of their heritage and traditional medicine practice.

Traditional Vietnamese Medicine has connections to Traditional Chinese Medicine which also emphasises the hands, feet and face as locations to base diagnosis and provide treatment.

But the Vietnamese were always it seems more face oriented. And though the logic of what is now a 4000-6000(?) year old practice has been mostly lost... the study of ancient maps after the Vietnamese war helps us today gain understanding and apply our own touch for healing on the face.

This history is important as it indicates the holistic and Tao-infused teaching of an ancient Eastern practice.

First and foremost to work with it at the depth you must connect with the philosophy of oneness and interconnection that underpins all life - and therefore - illness, wellness and being human.

We honour the lineage of teachers who made this learning available to us. We share their story in all of our trainings. We know the value of connecting at the root as well as the most specialised branches.

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