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The Difference Between Reflexology and a Facial

Case study: a woman comes in glad that finally - for the first time in years after ‘trying everything’ the cracks at the corner of her lips have gone completely. The ‘solution’ all along was not just regular vitamin b12 supplements she’d been recommended but the most expensive and hard to extract version available which comes in liquid form, costs a small fortune and has to be kept in her fridge. Of course she’ll have to purchase and ingest this indefinitely to maintain results.

She’s interested to know that dryness at the corner of the lips says a a lot about the health of her kidneys. She’s curious to hear that by treating the kidney reflex zones on the face with her fingers once a day she may be able to resolve the dryness at the corner of her lips by working with the internal imbalance that has been causing them all along.

She’s even more curious to know that to do so may improve her indicators for osteoporosis, address the occasional ringing in her ears and help avoid future bathroom trips in the middle of the night. Yes, even though she’s had 3 children.

This is what facial reflexology is >>> a technique that takes place at the level of the skin but interacts at a distance with the rest of the body via the naturally intelligent and regulating mechanism of the nervous system. .

The purpose of DCZ is not to conceal fine lines or diminish imperfections with facial manipulation.... but if used wisely it will influence the appearance of the face as a by product of its work with the organs in both the short and long term.

“But I know that vitamin b12 is associated with the liver - nobody ever told me it had anything to do with the kidneys” I sense either outrage or skepticism in her voice... perhaps both.

Nobody is sure exactly how the body’s organs and systems are interrelated according to modern science - specifically quantum physics. Not many people are working with frameworks that acknowledge the complex intricacy that abounds lest the energetic nature of of every cell. It’s more pertinent than ever to begin working here now.

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