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Self Treatment :: Female Reproductive Organs

A woman’s health is the soil out of which all humanity grows. Enhancing a woman’s health fertilizes and replenishes this soil for everyone—men, women, children, plants, animals, and the planet itself.

- Dr. Christiane Northrup

As the bearers of life women are predisposed to give attention to that which nourishes the body. They are sensitive to Nature’s intelligence and drawn to non-chemical medicines because the mainstream Western approach provides painfully limited options for female related illnesses.

The widespread prescription of pain relief and birth control we see today is not a treatment for women's problems but a means to control the body, to supress its symptoms. When we consider the body as an interconnected and inter-reliant 'whole' (rather than a machine composed of separate parts) the ingestion of chemicals on a regular basis may be detremental to the entire organism over time - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The need for practical, affordable and powerful care is needed now more than ever.

Italian Facial Reflexology (Dien Chan Zone®) can help where allopathic medicine falls short at the level of recovery, maintenance and prevention of women's health issues. I am constantly amazed by what it has to offer, particularly in the realm of hormone imbalance, and feel honoured to share instructions for women everywhere.

Amongst other benefits, with a little instruction anyone can learn how to:

1. Relieve and prevent menstrual pain 2. Treat hormonal skin conditions 3. Treat and prevent hormonal headaches 3. Regulate digestive imbalance 4. Support fertility rebalance 5. Recover from genital trauma and surgery 6. Treat menopausal symptoms 7. Regulate menstrual cycle 8. Recover from breast illness or surgery

An Opportunity to Listen

In this day and age, it is not unusual for women to feel disconnected from their bodies - either consciously or unconsciously. Yet sensitivity is a vital part of our femininity.

The 28 day cycle is our direct connection to the moon and our channel to the extensive creativity of the universe. How it suits our patriarchal society that as a result of embarrassment – adverts we would all rather ignore – and shame – for the patch of blood left on a public chair – we are left silenced on the phenomenon that ties us to nature and to other women.

The general agreement we have made that periods entail cramps, headaches, irregularity, abnormal bleeding, PMS, swollen breasts, rashes and acne - is a mental one which, rather than reflect a design flaw in our bodies, demonstrate the unsustainability of our lifestyles and expectations. What so many women are experiencing is in fact not 'normal' and nor should it continue to be suffered in silence.

When we ignore the significance of our menstruation we deny ourselves exploration of our deepest physical selves and a self-care which prepares us for motherhood and nurturing of all those around us.

What Causes Female Imbalance?

Whilst conventional medicine may have a technical explanation of what causes period pains, breast tumors, vaginal dryness and infertility... it doesn’t offer much advice about how to prevent such occurrences from unraveling in the first place. Some patterns such as irregular periods or PMS are instead utterly 'mysterious'.

As a reflexologist I view any ‘out of the ordinary’ functioning in the body as a symptom – the body’s means of communicating with us and calling our attention to a certain part of our selves, requesting primarily our awareness and a change in our behaviour. As with all illness or dis-ease the causes are multiple and varied. Imagine an angel arrives at your door and announces they have an important message to share just with you... if you keep asking them where they came from and how they travelled you might never discover the message itself - you might just miss the whole point.

Any symptom may also be considered as the body’s request for energy – a need for improved circulation - and can be treated using Facial Reflexology to send a message to our interior organs from the outside of the body – using nothing more than our hands…

This practice brings our attention back to the body, to its patterns and its flows. In menstruating women this a particularly powerful exercise to reconnect, to witness with an altered perspective and to place our faith back in the body.

What Can Facial Reflexology Do?

Facial reflexology offers you the opportunity, through daily facial stimulation, to encourage the ‘correct’ circulation of blood, lymph, oxygen, minerals and energy to your interior organs. Stimulation of precise areas, according to maps projected onto the face, sends a signal to the brain which works with the peripheral nervous system to increase circulation at the chosen area in the body.

I recommend the map and instruction below to women suffering from absent periods, painful periods, irregular cycles, breast pain or tumors, vaginal infections or abnormal discharge, menopausal symptoms, hormonal acne, hormonal headaches, fertility issues or to aid recovery from genital trauma including abortion, prolapse, caesarian and miscarriage. The results are often incredible.

*Important: there is only one counter-indication to this Facial Reflexology - the area between the nose and upper lip should NOT be stimulated by or on pregnant women as it can induce labour. Please, if you are pregnant avoid stimulating this point. Do however remember its position for when the time comes as it can help to induce labour and ease/ regulate contractions - tell all the midwives you know to try this!

How Long Will It Take?

The time it takes to rebalance your reproductive functions with the help of Facial Reflexology really depend upon how long held and deeply set your particular imbalance is. The same issue manifested in 100 people has causes which are entirely different from one case to the next. Some people may notice an improvement within a matter of days, whilst for others it may take weeks. If choosing to come off medication, remember that substances can remain in your system for several months affecting all organs and functions in your body.

Meanwhile, if still taking medication realise that the results from reflexology will be limited as there is a constant interference with the body’s functions and responses. Other lifestyle changes may be necessary, whether it is a decision to drink more water or get more exercise, or otherwise to take supplements and herbs – consider employing one measure at a time and separately - that way you will know what has had an effect and within what time period. When you apply a package all at once you will have trouble deciphering the basis of improvement.

Be patient with yourself. Remember that reflexology is always a work at the physical, emotional, spiritual and soul level. It is with great love and anticipation that I invite all women to try this exercise as a gift to themselves, to honour their connection to the earth and to uphold the creativity that resides within their bodies.

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