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Self Observation :: Cause vs Symptom

Self observation is called "the first tool" by some, and by others "the human tool." It is the tool by which the human is able to operate, repair, and maintain the human body, tame and train its functions. Without it, I am a machine, an automaton, a robot at the mercy of unconscious, habitual, mechanical forces, both internal and external.

Red Hawk

Feelings are what you feel.

Emotions are your reaction to your feelings.

Feelings left unexpressed build up and can create dis-ease for they take up space inside and keep your energy from flowing.

But where to feelings originate? Have you ever wondered? Are they purely a result of external conditions or is there a reason we each present with such variety in our sensibilities?

When I hear - as is common - someone pondering the ‘cause of ill-ness’ my invitation is always the same: enquire about how you feel in your body, in your emotions, in your heart of hearts. Not how you have felt... make the assessment here and now.

The Cause is Unknowable

It is not so important to know the ‘cause’ nor is it really possible to precisely and with certainty name any singular origin of energetic imbalance.

That’s because there are all kinds of influences that present to us humans an incomprehensible scale of contribution... yes: trauma, hurt, family, conditioning, shame, sadness, grief and any other prolonged feelings or stuck emotions are key factors. But, ultimately we are here on a karmic and eternal path to wholeness... the bigger picture is simply beyond our scope.

Sometimes our soul just has to go through something... every time the real purpose of ill-ness is a message.

For me, the investigation of your ‘cause’ of discomfort be it ‘minor’ or ‘severe’ is more than a little futile... it’s as if someone is knocking at your door to present you with a telegram and unable to see their face or their form through the frosted glass you begin to ask where they came from, how they got here, what was their mode of transport, is the telegram paper or digital?

And, with all due respect, none of that really matters.

The more productive thing to do would be open the door, invite them in, observe them, listen to their message and ask them what they need.

So, if you’re tired of the hunt for a cause are you willing to pause... sit with yourself and ask “how do I feel?”

Focus on the Symptom

Symptoms are in the moment messages from the body which indicate energetic imbalance. They may manifest at the physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual levels.

Because their causes cannot be known it is key to asses what you are experiencing now... and to follow these indicators which have been so specifically offered to call your attention.

If we believe the body to be intelligent, inclined to self-heal and alive to the present moment... we must not disregard the sensations we experience on all levels today because they are our clues... they lay for us the path from ill-ness to well-ness.

The more 'severe' / uncomfortable / problematic / bothersome a symptom is - the more important it is that you address that one first. It is of course normal to be subject to more than one at once and so we must learn to identify which one seeks our attention most urgently... then begin our treatment there.

I hope you will agree that this all sounds very simple. Indeed, that is what is intended. Though, for some. especially those who have spent a long time in the natural health sector and are so very dedicated to supporting multiple systems at once, juggling attention to an array of disturbance... this can seem counter-intuitive.

Attention to individual sensation along with practice in this approach will help.

Countless Symptoms

Another group of listeners who may feel uneasy with the above instruction are those that suffer from systemic or widespread immune response, whose list of symptoms has become overwhelming.

We would do well to recognise that we must assess what the body was saying to us before it’s onset... we must look to the core strand of clues we have so far missed. In other words: the symptoms which have been long ignored.

We must investigate. What has been our recurring dis-ease from childhood? How have we physically or psychologically felt ourselves respond to traumatic experiences or shocking events? These questions are helpful not to figure out a certain 'cause' but to decipher the composition of our individual body and it’s long-term weaknesses.

As ever, each and every case is different so just because you have a diagnosis resist the urge to keep yourself in that box without a more personal inquiry.

For some, it may be spinal pain or a dodgy knee, for others it’s frequent colds or ear infection, constipation, constant fear, unresolved anger, the birth experience, eye infections... the list is varied and endless.

Wherever the body has been speaking to you the longest - that’s where we are interested in giving our attention. This location / bodily system / emotion is not ‘the cause,’ it’s our marker and it’s where we’ll do the deepest work.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with an autoimmune disorder from fibromyalgia to MS, rheumatoid arthitis, lupus, thyroid issues or any other rare and unsettling condition I simply want to share that I‘ve seen how much DCZ® Facial Reflexology helps and I’d love to teach you more.

But the truth is you know more than I do about where your body’s calling.

Forging a New Way

At a time when it's so easy and so encouraged that we google and mentally evaluate ourselves, self-observation and connection to the body is in fact the first key to health (indeed it always has been).

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