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There is no “press here get this result” when it comes to natural healing and conversing with the body.

Facial Reflexology is a conversation - a stimulation via established maps on the face - to REQUEST energy at a certain location.

Is it CERTAIN that the request will be met?

Can we know in advance the quantity or speed of any action?

Can we be sure of what changes will take place on the physical level?

What about at the mental / emotional / spiritual levels interconnected with all physical parts?

The answer is NO.

There is no way to predict what will unfold when we work with the body this way.

Expectations, as in most cases, are not exceptionally useful.

Nor are promises of a specific and predictable outcome.

#FacialReflexology is not about controlling or demanding a change within or without.

Quite the opposite, it opens up new doors of perception and understanding.

It leads us on a path back to Self. To our Wholeness.

In touch with the body and our sensitivity.

In touch with our innate power to rebalance and redirect.

In touch with our guidance when it comes to healthcare and far beyond.

This PERSONAL MEDICINE - ancient as it is modern - from the East and for the West - has been hijacked by the Beauty Industry.

This INSTRUMENT OF SELF KNOWLEDGE is being spread as an anti-wrinkle / anti-age / buy a tool for 50 dollars commodity.

But it is not. And this feed is happily NOTTRENDING as a home for the lasting sentiment of FREEDOM for all via your own touch and your own face.

Our founder Amala Black has been teaching DCZ® and operating under this tag for several years. From now on this space will be a feed of content from more voices and practitioners who caretake and safe-hold this VIBRATIONAL THERAPY with respect for it’s heritage - originally born in Vietnam - as well as for it’s developers and those who can bring it into new times WHOLLY and with heart.

Authorised DCZ® trainings

Lineage connected to originator Bùi Quóc Châu

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