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Same Approach but Different

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Facial reflexology (I refer specifically to DCZ®) and acupuncture share the same approach >>> both techniques see the body as energy and ill-ness as blockage(s).

Acupuncturists work with needles to stimulate precise MERIDIAN points. Reflexology practitioners work with touch to stimulate REFLEX zones and search for personal points on their receiver.

Both can be used to treat all kinds of imbalance at the level of mind-body-spirit. So what are the differences?

- whereas acupuncture requires years of study and in many countries an additional degree in allopathic medicine, facial reflexology can be practiced by ANYONE and the basics can be taught in two days (or 4 weeks with our online Operator training)

- to apply acupuncture you must be a professional and therefore treatments must be regular and consistent. Meanwhile facial reflexology can be applied ANYTIME, ANY PLACE meaning we can each work on ourselves every day to produce more rapid, dramatic and lasting results than perhaps any other therapy

- Acupuncture is one facet of traditional Chinese medicine and was developed for use along side selected local herbs according to one’s environment and individual constitution, specific movements (qi gong and tai chi for example) and a diet of seasonal, local produce to support all levels of wellbeing. This makes it especially difficult to translate and apply “traditionally” in the West on patients with such varied lifestyles, diets and understandings of health

- Meanwhile, facial reflexology is not attached to any specific philosophy or ancient medicine. The style I practice has its roots in Vietnam but can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the people it serves around the world because it requires no additional practices along side for it to work better

Although DCZ® does not have the same prestige or reputation as acupuncture (yet) we must remember it is comparably brand new - developed less than 4 decades ago and brought to the west in the 90s. This makes working with it all the more FUN as people are so surprised and impressed by its power. Often I hear that receivers’ acupuncturists (as well as doctors) are shocked by the shifts they experience within short periods working with this technique and nothing more.

All to say >>> don’t underestimate what is on offer to you here. Just because you haven’t heard of it yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention nor that your investment of time and money would be better spent elsewhere. I relish this sense of being one step ahead of the crowd 🔮💫

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