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Remembering Sensitivity

When I first began my journey with DCZ® I had a very limited perception of my body, its functions, this notion of ‘balance’ my teacher talked of. I assumed that because I had no diagnosis or symptoms great enough to justify a doctors visit, that I was not in need of any therapy or medicine allopathic or otherwise.

Slowly, simply by engaging my attention that began to change. I started to notice my functions and recognise when they were relatively ‘balanced’ or reflecting disharmony of some kind. By now, the experience of my body is transformed and even the more subtle levels perceivable at any time.

Sensitivity is a strength which helps you to identify what is for you and what is not. It is a birthright but in most westerners needs practiced - remembered.

We can talk all day long about how the body is energetic and how to aid it’s homeostasis... but it’s much more important to experience yourself this way... how else will we resolve this mind-body split?

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