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We are in relationship with not just people and animals but ALL that is around us. When we speak of DCZ® for some it might seem as though it is a sequence, an information about the face, a modality to be learned and added to your menu of offerings.

DCZ® has a presence, a personality, a life force all of its own. I am in relationship with this living knowledge. In fact I am in love with it. I learn every day from its philosophy and it’s no nonsense impact.

If you’re thinking of attending one of our trainings, please - especially if you’ve been in this industry a long time - ask yourself if you have the energy and the SPACE, even the desire to enter into a NEW relationship of this kind.

Ask yourself if you are truly OPEN to learning about this perspective or if you’re just looking for a piece on the side... an extra... an addition. Because that would be a great pity - not to live and experience this new language with all of your heart.

I’ll be honest: to do so might affect existing relationships you have. It may mean departing from a previous way of thinking or transitioning the way you currently work. It could mean abandoning completely the structure that has held you thus far. You are being invited to REFINE and EVOLVE to a greater version of yourself - this creation implies destruction.

DCZ® is a tool of transformation in every regard. It acts quickly and powerfully on your physical body which is integrated fully with your mental, emotional and spiritual counterparts. If you let it, it will shift your beliefs about what is possible and where your limits lie. If you resist it because you are still bound to another, you will not receive the full extent of its teachings.

Are you giving yourself permission to RECEIVE that which you seek?

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