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Reflexology vs Massage

When people first start out with DCZ® they sometimes ask if massaging their whole face might be the best way to maintain health. Others ask if, when receiving a massage where specific zones of the face are touched with fingers or a Jade roller - will that send a signal to the corresponding organs?

The short answer is no. Reflexology goes beyond touch because it involves the sending of a precise energetic signal. Intention and exploration are key to achieve the desired interaction with any given organ(s).

Rather than a massage of the muscles / to stimulate lymph / to release tension in loco, facial reflexology is a focused stimulation of selected REFLEX maps in order to engage with the nervous system. For that reason our small pointed tools are more efficient than tools that cover a larger area and limit sensitivity.

Nonetheless because we work on the face at the level of the skin and muscles, immediate beauty benefits are unavoidable and long term improvements in appearance / change in facial shape, skin tone and general vitality are typical.

Uplevel your facial practice at home or in the treatment room when you train in this unique and universal modality.

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