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Ordinary <to> Extraordinary

Some of the ‘standard’ effects of a facial reflexology practice include:

- Any kind of dis-ease or ill-ness you are experiencing at the physical / psychological level begin to improve

- You gain a new and incredible tool to be shared with loved ones, family, friends and just about anyone you meet in the treatment room and beyond

- You become more sensitive, feel more connected to your body and generally feel more 'in control'

But there are extraordinary effects you should be conscious of too:

1. You can SURRENDER

Are you someone committed to the path of 'natural' or 'holistic' medicine? Have you been trying all kinds of therapies for a long time in order to overcome or at least manage a diagnosis or an illness that nobody seems to know what to do with?


Have many in this field been telling you to seek out the 'cause' in order to heal? Does that feel like a never-ending collection of data that ultimately leads to very few tangible results?


Often that desire we have to understand is what limits us the most... and so when people come to work with DCZ® and experience big shifts within a very short amount of time using simple instructions they feel the relief of giving up that struggle - letting go of an endless hunt and finally finding what they need.


Surrender is a full body experience that starts with releasing that need to ‘figure it out’. That searching, that hunger, that need to control shows up as stress and tension in our bodies so always – the consequence of great results with DCZ is multiplied by the release of this burden in the meantime. 🌊

I promise you – healing is so much simpler than most of the world would have you believe. And with DCZ it is in your hands – literally.


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