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Looking for the "Cause"

At risk of controversy (my unavoidable position honestly) I don’t believe it is necessary or even helpful to search for the ‘cause’ of your illness in order to heal.

First, because there is no ONE singular cause but most likely several contributing factors at the physical / emotional / mental and spiritual levels... if ill-ness is resistance to that flow of life that wants to pass through you then you can think of it taking form much like a beaver’s dam in that river of energy... with purpose, intelligence, it’s own grand design but nonetheless producing a block to the flow.

Rather than inquire as to when, why and how each metaphorical beaver in your system chose that specific position to setup home... it is a much better use of our time to instead request - with our energy and intention - that they move on... that the blockage be dispersed and dislodged so that it may return back into your circuit and permit more flow resulting in greater comfort and vitality... on all levels.

I believe that there is an intricate and beautiful cosmic design but don’t know what caused you to experience that which you face today. Neither does the most enlightened guru on the planet. I work with the SYMPTOM that gives you the most bother because that is where your body is speaking the loudest - where there is the greatest request for rebalance and support from medicine such as facial reflexology. .

When we work with the symptom and begin to disperse the biggest blockage in the body, we automatically affect all the other blockages because all of a sudden energy is released back into flow and able to wash through all other areas with more force. Once one issue resolves or improves significantly we move to the next...

This is how we cultivate BALANCE within the organism. This balance is what gives you more calm, better sleep, smoother interactions, a sparkle in your eye and illuminates your skin from the inside out. I implore you, please >>> FORGET the cause and strengthen the ROOT of all you experience.

We are not required to problem solve but instead to seek SOLUTION. It’s here when you are ready... on your face and in your powerful hands 🙌🏻✨

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