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I'm not Asking You....

I’m not asking you to believe in anything.

I’m not asking you to devote years of your time to study with me.

I’m not going to make something simple sound complicated and overarching.

I am going to give you a practical tool. I am going to be here when you have questions. And I am going to support you in overcoming any and all kinds of dis-ease that you face.

The rest... is up to you.

I will say:

There is no magic pill. This is one of the fastest acting medicines I’ve come across which is also natural and truly holy-stic.

We have countless stories of incredible healing across the board but we make no promises.

This is not cause and effect. This is your relationship with all that is. This is learning to understand, to feel, to know the reality of ENERGY. And this is not a teaching many can offer.

How do you know facial reflexology for you? You can just feel it ‘pull’ much like the tide when you paddle your feet in the ocean.

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