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I'll Make You More Beautiful

Everyone asks if facial reflexology can make them more beauty-full. The answer is a resounding yes!

It’s first action is to stimulate circulation in loco on your face so you can expect improved skin function, muscle tone, lymph circulation and vibrancy from your first session and as your practice deepens. But, as far as I’m concerned beauty is not so much about what we SEE 👁 but what we FEEL ✨

In the presence of someone beauty-full we may notice that their face is not perfectly symmetrical... that their eyes reveal past smiles and at the same time heartache... they may exhibit ‘imperfections’ on the skin... and they may not have the figure for a traditional catwalk.

In the presence of someone beauty-full nothing about their physicality is important because the way they move allures us, their words inspire us and the joy that they emit reminds us that beauty really is an inside job.

To cultivate our own beauty we spend time looking in the mirror of life. We get to know ourselves. We get to release what we don’t want and make space for what we do. We become intimately aware of our needs and our strengths and we navigate life with ever more clarity and confidence. This is the second action of DCZ®.

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