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First Step First

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As recently as 1984 the Italian scientist Carlo Rubbia won the Nobel Prize for discovering that at upon inspection at the micro level atoms far from the physical ‘building blocks of life’ we’ve all been taught they are - far from solid, liquid or gas...

Each atom is actually - in reality - one BILLIONTH matter. The rest is what you might call ‘nothing’ if you were to base your perception on the standard human senses or (even more limited) technical equipment.

Soak that in >>> one BILLIONTH of all that you experience is not actually that good Newtonian ‘solid’ stuff you’ve spent a lifetime focusing on... it is best described as >>> ENERGY

This discovery changes everything...

The ground you’re standing on, the clothes you’re wearing, the coffee cup you’re sipping from, the phone you hold as you read...

All of this... more than it is anything else is ‘nothing’ is ‘invisible’ is absolutely indescribably ‘un-real’ by our mainstream standards... yes, you can see it / feel it / taste it / touch it / smell it... but to what extent?

I’ve been meeting a lot of people who want answers... want healing... want more comfort and ease in their lives.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people who call themselves 'holistic’ practitioners and yet... so many of the people I meet have yet to get their minds around the REALITY we are part of - the nature of our wholeness - what it means to be energy first and foremost.

So many are looking for ‘proof’ or ‘scientific evidence’, still devoted to an awareness that is outdated. But take this one FACT alone, heck - add in some string theory... take 10 minutes to soak in a YouTube video on quantum physics... and if you understand anything at all you must admit that we humans know relatively NOTHING.

What to do? The first step is to get out of your head! Our minds are the ones that cause most our problems...

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