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Facial Reflexology :: Tools

Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of the Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else.

Charles Spurgeon

There is a place for facial massage and gua sha and jade rollers and kansa wands and all kinds of specialised aesthetic tools rooted in ancient practices… I have a collection myself and love to see them spread like wildfire and transform the beauty world before our eyes.

But there’s one kind of ‘beauty tool’ I can’t condone. Those sold in the name of ‘facial reflexology’.

Facial massage is about working at the superficial level to influence the skin, muscles, connective tissue, lymph and vital fluids in loco. Results are seen on the face though a good practitioner will also relax your mind, clear your sinuses and ease jaw or neck tension.

Meanwhile, Facial Reflexology is about working at the superficial level to influence the nervous system which interacts with EVERYTHING beyond and below. The results are fast acting, unpredictable and profound.

It acts at the level of the muscles, tendons, connective tissue, lymph and vital fluids in loco AND around the entire body as well as the internal organs and all of their self regulating abilities.

Reflexology is about requesting the body’s natural intelligence release hormones, adjust chemicals and stimulate circulation of nutrients as required to manage and overcome dis-ease wherever it manifests. It is a work of unified heart and mind and is fortified by steady attention and sensitive awareness to tiny areas which respond more than others within specific zones.

Can you work with both in one session? Absolutely, just keep your intentions clearly defined. For best results separate the practices and select the tools that offer optimum results for each.

Can Dien Chan Zone® promote improved skin function, muscle tone and overall beauty? You better believe it! But that's a post for another day...

Working at the level of the skin to improve the appearance of the skin is NOT reflexology. It hurts my heart to see this therapy undermined by misinformation as tools with no connection to the process sell and journalists focus on the 'wrinkles' story over the 'heal yourself with your hands' potential.

Just for today, if you're called to my guidance please >>> place the tools aside. Free from the material and undistracted now we can go beyond.

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