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Often in the name of curiosity we can employ multiple medicines at once in the attitude that ‘more is more’.

Let me ask you this: if you were seeking a dietary regimen to suit your needs would you ever attempt to go vegan, paleo, pescatarian, juice detoxing, fat free whilst calorie counting and fasting all at once? Would it make any sense?

Why then, in the field of complimentary therapies would it be in any way useful to work with several techniques at once?

In our enthusiasm (and our ignorance) we are working with meridians, chakras, reflex zones, reiki, herbs, essential oils, supplements, chiropractors, energy psychology... we are attending every workshop we see advertised, reading every book, arranging sessions with every coach or adviser, speaking with astrologers, palm readers, human design experts...

What that means is that we don’t know where to invest our energy (time, money, attention) because we have no idea what we seek.

Let me tell you something true: all of these paths ultimately lead to the same destination.

How can we know what is best for us in a world so full of choices? Tune in to how you FEEL. Let your body and your heart navigate the unfamiliar terrain.

Find somebody you trust and stay there a while. Let the guidance or the healing that they offer do it’s work. It will take time - sometimes less, sometimes more - and space. Seeds don’t spout over night but they do sprout with daily nourishment and with the ease that God / the oneness intended for them.

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