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End the Hunt, Treat the Symptom

“The doctor just treats your symptoms, I treat the cause…”

This is one of the most misleading and inaccurate lines I hear all the time from healers and therapists. It’s problematic because it leads people to believe in (and to seek) one single cause for the ill-ness they are experiencing.

This is counterproductive because as the ancient Chinese would attest it is IMPOSSIBLE to pin-point the cause of any given disharmony. There are multiple factors which contribute at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels which manifest in utterly individualised imbalance.

To analyse the possibilities may offer some mental satisfaction but ultimately it is an endless hunt. Most people I encounter are exhausted by it and no closer to improving their health.

But all is not lost. In fact, if you are willing to free yourself from the victimhood and the fear of dis-ease you’ll realise that all the body is doing is speaking to you. And that nobody else can hear it as well as you can.

Whispering at first and shouting if required. It’s messages are physical / emotional sensations.

When you turn your attention to the symptoms that bother you today and take measures to treat them you change the whole game. You FEEL the body is not working against you but offering everything in your favour.

And if you have a simple framework to work with (something like DCZ®) you’ll know exactly what to do to care for yourself effectively in response to each clue.

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