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Almost every day I receive messages from people living with systemic, uncomfortable dis-ease. In most initial emails they tell me how they’ve ‘already’ cut out gluten / lactose / sugar / coffee / alcohol / red meat / etc. ‘Already’ because this EXPERIMENT with food elimination has become such a popular recommendation for dealing with almost everything.

Although so many promote ‘cleaning’ or ‘detoxing’ the body or longer-term dietary controls... and although I have personally experienced it’s short term benefits... This is actually the antithesis of what I’d have you do knowing what I know now. Because food elimination is not going to HEAL your dis-ease. It’s going to redirect symptoms and often make you weaker (leading you to eliminate countless foods). I’d have you relax into the understanding that your body is designed to consume all - yes, ALL - of the fruits of this Earth and that moreover they should be enjoyed (especially the yummy ones)! Any indication that a certain item is related to a struggle in our system is a indicator NOT that we should remove it indefinitely but to strengthen the organs (and their mental / emotional counterparts) in question.

Yes, balance is important and local, seasonal, unprocessed items preferable. But we don’t all have access to such food and so should feel nourished or at least empowered to eat what’s available and affordable where we are.

The idea that certain items / food types should be taken “off the menu” if we care about our health is frankly a fad.

It also makes a lot of people a lot of money.

And it just happens to be completely IRRELEVANT to our work with reflexology. So please, if you are interested in working with energy primarily (given that you are energy to a much greater extent than you are matter), forget everything you’ve been taught about nutrition by anyone except your grandparents... And resist eliminating all the goodies because I speak from experience when I say it easily becomes a total mind f***. And women have enough of that around food to start with.

No I can’t think of a politer way to say it. Yes I’m happy to take your Qs.

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