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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... Reflexology is a signal sent from the periphery of the body to the inside. It works by way of touch to send a signal via the nervous system to our internal organs and or musculoskeletal system.

Where possible, this simple technique can rebalance the energy / the flow of blood, nutrients and vital fluids / the self regulation of all systems throughout the body. It doesn’t matter what you touch the reflex zones with... but the more you are able to relax and enter the parasympathetic mode the more dramatic your experience will be.

Some practitioners will give receivers nutritional advice, add aromatherapy to sessions, use gemstones or fancy tools, include advice on herbal supplements to take post-treatment. Some - maybe most - of the alternative therapies field merges protocols this way to ‘enhance’ the work they do.

For me, additions of any kind do not belong in my practice of facial reflexology. Why? Because they do not ‘enhance’ the signal I am sending. You see, additional elements are received as additional vibrational signals that distract from the clarity and potency of what’s being sent and received within the body.

After years in the sector it’s clear that consistency not multiple inputs, is what makes a self-practice with DCZ® dramatic and empowering in the long run.

Reflexology works strictly with the natural intelligence of the body. It doesn’t need a change of diet or supplements... or even more water in order for it to work. By bringing the body more into balance you may naturally be led to do any number of these things intuitively... but do you see what I mean when I say these additions don’t really fit with the premise of this internal medicine?

You can add herbs, creams, and varying other layers of intent but ultimately to do so introduces head in the place of heart. The body knows exactly what to do led by touch alone.

In our over-complicating of how we apply this treatment we effectively undermine the body’s capacity to self-heal... we say “I know what will make this more...” and the universe smiles, endeared because dear friends... nobody knows better than nature.

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