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Dien Chan Zone® for Women's Health

A woman’s health is the soil out of which all humanity grows. Enhancing a woman’s health fertilizes and replenishes this soil for everyone—men, women, children, plants, animals, and the planet itself.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

This is a topic close to my heart. As a girl with acne prone skin I was first put on 'the pill' aged fifteen and though it significantly affected my mood within just a couple of months use, it also cleared my face and so, I thought, was worth it.

Six years later when I decided to take a break from hormone manipulation during a very stressful phase in my life, even at a time when my mind and body were very disconnected, I could feel just how long it took to leave my system. Emotionally I felt lighter within a couple of months but physically my cycle took almost two years to regain any kind of normality. Of course, our doctors tell us this should be expected, it is nothing to worry about and hey, if our irregular periods are bothering us, we could always go back on the pill.

During the first year after stopping my daily ingestion of chemicals, I had a period about 4 months out of twelve and at one stage over 16 weeks passed in succession without any 'sign' of movement. This is when, over the phone, I was introduced to Dien Chan Zone® for the first time...

A gentle suggestion was made that I could use my pinky finger to stimulate a point just below my nose. Without any expectation (and a whole lot of skepticism) I obliged. I pressed the point twice for 5 seconds at a time over the next 24 hours and low and behold Aunt Flow arrived the next day. 'What a coincidence' I thought, it had to come sometime!

Years later as I continue to rebalance my reproductive system with this method I'm less cynical, I've witnessed too many success stories of others and experienced too many improvements of my own to scoff at this seemingly simple practice. All this time, all those pills and all those supplements later, I found that the key to my own personal health was quite literally 'under my nose' all this time.

The Pill is not a Panacea

I share this story not because I think the pill is an evil to be eradicated, indeed as a form of contraception it has improved the lives and the options of so many millions of women since the 60s that it could be called a blessing to womankind. However, I do feel that to prescribe the pill or its equivalent to women suffering from other 'disorders' or 'irregularities' is unwise. Why? Because to artificially tamper with your cycle - producing a false period each month - is an attempt to control the organism with external influence. This is neither healing nor sustainable.

This practice of medicating is not conducive to longterm health - the data on rising chronic illness in the West is proof alone of this limitation. One might even say that the ascent of chemically focused treatments has coincided with a disregard for the very notion of 'health' which, historically was associated not only with physiological functioning, but with mental and moral soundness, and spiritual salvation of a person, as well. The word etymology indicates a state or condition of being 'sound' or 'whole'.

As the ancient medicines and the modern sciences teach us, the body is far more like a tree than a machine - after all it is grown from a seed rather than parts glued together. Then, like everything else in nature it is innately self-regulating. A healthy state reflects its overall balance and its healing reflects a return to homeostasis from imbalance. That's not to say that health is inevitable but it is a divine responsibility and one which ultimately is ours alone.

Therein, when presented with symptoms - particularly those hard to diagnose and prescribe in the case of 'feminine issues' - there is one option that most doctors don't inform you of (not out of badness, but because their profession has forgotten). That option is to, without the interference of surgery, chemicals or lotions, give the body time and space to recover on its own with the support of techniques which trigger and signal to the natural intelligence of our cells. Facial Reflexology is my most prized of these tools.

What can Facial Reflexology do for Women?

The Dien Chan Zone® method can help where allopathic medicine falls short at the level of recovery, maintenance andprevention of all kinds of disharmony. With a little instruction women can learn how to:

  1. Relieve and prevent menstrual pain

  2. Treat hormonal skin conditions

  3. Treat and prevent hormonal headaches

  4. Regulate digestive imbalance

  5. Support fertility rebalance

  6. Recovery from breast illness or surgery

  7. Attend to menopausal symptoms (including flashes and dryness)

  8. Regulate menstrual cycle

  9. Recovery from genital trauma and surgery (including cesarean, prolapse, abortion)

  10. Emotional imbalance using the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (each emotional imbalance is tied to specific organs in the body)

All of these conditions and more can be treated using nothing more than your hands to massage your face. To do so is easy, intuitive and absolutely free at the point of use!

For more information, self care instructions and to experience the therapeutic benefits of in person treatment - book an appointment with one of our practitioners.

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