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Attention, Please

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Symptoms are in the moment MESSAGES from the body which indicate ENERGETIC IMBALANCE. They may manifest at the physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual levels.

Because their causes cannot be known it is key to asses what you are experiencing NOW... and to follow these indicators which have been so specifically offered to call your attention.

If we believe the body to be intelligent, inclined to self-heal and alive to the present moment... we must not disregard the sensations we experience on all levels today because they are our clues... they lay for us the path to well-ness.

When we suffer from systemic immune response of any kind... when the list of symptoms becomes overwhelming then we must assess what the body was saying to us before it’s onset... we must look to the core strand of clues we have so far missed... the symptoms long ignored: recurring ill-ness from childhood... responses to traumatic experiences or events that sparked dis-ease... the composition of our individual body and it’s long-term weaknesses.

As ever, each and every case is different so just because you have a diagnosis resist the urge to keep yourself in that box without a more personal enquiry.

For some it may be spinal pain or a dodgy knee, for others it’s frequent colds or ear infection, constipation, constant fear, unresolved anger, the birth experience, eye infections... the list is varied and endless.

Wherever the body has been speaking to you the longest - that’s where we are interested in giving our attention. This location / bodily system / emotion is not ‘the cause’... it’s our marker... and it’s where we’ll do the deepest work.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with an autoimmune disorder from fibromyalgia to MS, rheumatoid arthitis, lupus, thyroid issues or any other rare and unsettling condition I simply want to share that I‘ve seen how much DCZ helps and I’d love to teach you more.

But the truth is you know more than I do about where your body’s calling. Self-observation is required. 🔎

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