In my world it’s all one: resolving bodily symptoms, releasing old patterns, the joy of work, harmony at home and living in flow to meet your purpose on all fronts.

It's about creation and remembering who You are. During our time together I read from Natural Law and select from my toolbox of techniques to assist wherever there's a blockage.

I specialise in guidance relating to:

Authenticity :: being true to yourself + connecting to your purpose

Healing :: reading + resolving dis-ease / stuck emotions

Manifestation :: harmonious relationships, spaces + dream crafting

Sessions last 20 or 60 minutes and work best when you come with a question.

Holistic Guidance

Another prized tool is Alpha Chi Feng Shui (not from China). In person or online we have the opportunity to work some magic in your space.

I have years of experience in the healing arts mainly working as a Facial Reflexologist and now train therapists worldwide.

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