Alpha Chi Feng Shui


Space is alive. Spaces have memories.

There is so much happening around us all the time - sometimes perceived but often unnoticed - yet affecting us on a deep level.

Feng Shui is a vital key to support your health, aid happiness and give your soul abilities space to blossom.

Whether you wish to:


- harmonise family / neighbour / colleague relations

- improve concentration in your office

- unwind with greater ease

- enjoy better sleep

- connect to nature

- support a new project

- free energies from the past...

By aligning the flow of Chi / life force in your space we can solve such issues and prepare for fresh creation. We clear old patterns from rooms, heal elemental imbalance and promote a more joyful natural flow.

Like all energy techniques this work happens in the invisible world and your trust in me is deeply honoured.


Rest assured that all Feng Shui installed by me can be deleted and refunded in the (unlikely) case of dissatisfaction.

I love to help you feel free and at ease.

Investment (per square meter)

Private spaces / landscapes :: 10-12

Commercial property / businesses :: 12-15


Enquire for a quote according to what's required and currently possible at your location.