What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial Reflexology refers to the stimulation of zones or points on the face which have a reflex connection to other parts of the body. In effect, it is a signal sent from the outside to the inside by way of the nervous system which can be used to treat dis-ease of all kinds in the body as well as prevent further imbalance in the future.

Why choose Dien Chan Zone®?

Dien Chan Zone® is a powerful method which is unique from any other facial technique or reflex modality. Originally from Vietnam it has been developed and advanced in Italy to meet the needs of Western receivers. It offers incredible often immediate results and has no counterindications. 

From skin conditions, migraines and hayfever to muscle pain, inflammation and intolerances, it's applications are extensive and the healing possibilities endless...


What will the 'Operator' course cover?

This course introduces Dien Chan Zone® Italian Facial Reflexology and covers:

  • The origins and history of Facial Reflexology
  • The official Dien Chan Zone® protocol
  • Self care and therapeutic use (seated and lying down)
  • The musculoskeletal system (5 maps)
  • The internal organs (7 systems)
  • and more...

Where in the world?

Helen will visit the USA & Canada throughout May and June to hold meetings with graduates and facilitate treatment exchange amongst peers. Therein, we kindly invite only students who are able to attend a meeting to sign up for the course. The PROVISIONAL meeting dates are (finalised dates and times TBC shortly):

Los Angeles - 11th May
San Francisco - 12th May
San Jose - 13th May
Portland - 18th May
Houston - 
20th May
Dallas - 21st May
Minneapolis - 24th May
Atlanta - 2nd June
Saint Petersburg (FL) - 4th June
Brooklyn - 11th June
Boston (NH) - 18th June
Toronto - 25th June

What's included?

  • 76 page full colour manual & basic plastic tool (while stocks last)
  • Access to monthly revision sessions (online and in person)
  • AIRFI membership, & practitioner website listing at www.dienchanzone.com
  • Access to the private Facebook group for continued learning

When will it take place?

The course will launch on 1st April 2018. Thereafter modules will be released weekly with live calls scheduled for each module in small groups and replays available to those unable to join. By the end of the month, upon demonstrating competency in the coursework, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Who can join this course?

There are no specific prerequisites to join this course, but it is best suited to wellness professionals including:

  • Reflexologists
  • Estiticians
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Integrative Physicians
  • Nurses, Midwives, Doulas
  • Energy Healers
  • Holistic Health Coaches

Dates & Commitment

Our programme will begin on 1st April 2018 

Each class will be released at 8pm EST / 7pm CT / 5pm PST

Module 1 will be released on the  1st April

Module 2 will be released on the  8th April

Module 3 will be released on the  15th April

Module 4 will be released on the  22nd April

NB each module contains approx 3 hours of video training. Students should aim to complete each one in order within the following 7 days.

Each module includes:

  • one 30 minute homework assignment
  • one live Zoom call lasting 60 minutes (dates and times TBC)

At the end of the programme, you'll be invited in small groups to perform the protocol on a live call to demonstrate your competency in the method. This is not a 'test' but an opportunity to ensure you feel confident before working officially on others. All times and groups are TBC.


The deadline for sign up and payment is the 25th March to ensure postage of manuals and instruments in time for the course start. NB: late entries may be accepted but will incur a charge for postage.

Helen Black
Helen Black
Founder of Mirror Medicine

About the teacher

Helen Black comes from a lineage of teachers which extends back to Vietnam where facial stimulation has been used to maintain health for thousands of years. After a chance encounter with the technique over 4 years ago, she was amazed to overcome her gluten intolerance and PCOS symptoms using nothing more than her hands on her face. She is now passionate about sharing this extraordinary method through her school Mirror Medicine. 

Learn more at helen.black


What's the investment?

The complete course costs £360. The professional Dien Chan Zone® tool costs £25 and will be available for purchase shortly. Payments can be made in full or alternatively two installments before 1st April 2018. Select your preferred payment method below: