The complete method of DCZ® Multi-reflexology

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  • Next Level

    This training covers the entire DCZ® multi-reflexology method. After 7 months of training and exams students become Reflexologists.

  • Live Interaction

    Two in-person immersions book-end 5 months of online training and live calls which must be followed in time.

  • Exclusive Additions

    For the first time, this training includes instruction in how to present, share and refer as a professional. And more...


The advanced course is ONLY open to existing Operators

This 100 hour course includes mandatory homework and attendance at all classes. There is a mandatory final examination.

There is no automatic entry to the Advanced course as spaces are limited and a selection process is undertaken by AIRFI Academy teachers. Adequate skills and understanding of the Operator syllabus should be developed before applying to undertake this training.

Course Structure

This course includes two mandatory meetings lasting 4 days each

This course is composed of 8 parts and weekly modules. It is under construction and will launch soon.

Course Breakdown

This list indicates the basic course content:

1. TCM and Dien Chan Zone®

2. Physiognomy (intoduction to face reading)

3. Treating allergies 
& intolerances

4. The 100 schemes of BQC

5. The Law of Similar Form

6. Body multi-reflex maps

7. Vietnamese massage

8. DCZ® Beauty Massage

9. DCZ® Cranial Reflexoogy

10. Facial Reflexology for first aid

11. Body tools + balms

12. Gua Sha on the face + body

13. Vietnamese hand reflexology

14. Lymphatic drainage with Facial Reflexology 

15. Simplified massages

16. Introduction to the meridian system

17. Practical revision

18. Live group question and answer sessions

19. How to present approved workshops + presentations

20. Marketing advice + resources

21. Access to online course materials for 12 months from start date and continuing support in private group and membership site

and more...

Course concludes with formal written and practical examinations


Operators can apply for this training from within the EXPAND membership site.