• Training

    This course combines high quality recorded classes with weekly live Q+A sessions via zoom

  • Assessment

    To certify participants must join a live group assessment call with their trainer

  • Support

    Practitioners are provided with continued learning and bonus materials for 12 months


“I’ve gained so much more than I was seeking. This treatment is soul connecting and healing. Not just another “tool”. It really is like nothing else I have ever studied.”

Tina Jayes, Inspired Beauty Skincare (Studio City, CA)Tina Jayes, Inspired Beauty Skincare (Studio City, CA)

“I was intrigued to learn how this method was different to other facial reflexologies I'm trained in... altogether it led me look at reflexology in a new light and transformed the self care instructions I provide. DCZ is a wonderful soothing hypnotic treatment to receive and to give and the results that follow are awesome!”

Georgina Strickland, Lifespan Reflexology (Kent, UK)Georgina Strickland, Lifespan Reflexology (Kent, UK)

“I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to share this beautiful medicine with others. I have seen how quickly receivers benefit from it, even after one session. The potential for healing is immense.”

Sunny Smith, Temple O Flora Beauty + Wellness (Salt Lake City, UT)Sunny Smith, Temple O Flora Beauty + Wellness (Salt Lake City, UT)

“My cystic acne has disappeared, my periods have gotten so much lighter/less painful and my back is feeling so much less achey! This course has been amazing - warm, inviting, simple and effective.”

Shannon Johnson (Santa Cruz, CA)Shannon Johnson (Santa Cruz, CA)

“I feel like not only did I gain what I was seeking, but also what I was needing! This tool has redefined the way I look at skin and the body... As a sceptic at heart, the entire learning experience gently picked me up and turned my thoughts around. It was an awakening.”

Haley Judge, Rosewater Holistic Skin (Placerville, CA)Haley Judge, Rosewater Holistic Skin (Placerville, CA)

“The freedom of selfcare at my fingertips! This training has helped me understand that less is more. There's no need to over analyze, instead we just need to follow the messages from the body. The experience has been empowering and heartfelt! Truly a gift of nurturing body mind & spirit perfect for all who are ready to bring more self care rituals into their lives”

Shanah McCary, Sol Healing (Austin, TX)Shanah McCary, Sol Healing (Austin, TX)

“I really loved learning from Helen - her energy is spectacular! I connected instantly to her fun, easy-going approach on social media and was very comfortable learning online.”

Tricia Utley, American Apothecary (Nashua, NH)Tricia Utley, American Apothecary (Nashua, NH)

“This course was so much more than I imagined both personally and professionally. It gave me permission and knowledge to care for myself and my family. DCZ is an amazing stand-alone therapy that has made a huge difference in working with my facial receivers as working with their internal organs can help achieve healthier skin. I also work as an Integrative Health Coach and find this a wonderful therapy to assist those clients on their wellness journey.”

Kari Zwichel, Nourishing Skin Coach (Nashville, TN)Kari Zwichel, Nourishing Skin Coach (Nashville, TN)

“I'm so excited to share this technique with everyone around me. The weekly check-ins were helpful, the videos themselves were so professionally done and gorgeous. Upon meeting in person, Helen was just as warm and encouraging as she had been throughout! Post-training I feel supported and that if I ever need help or have a question I can reach out and she'll be there!”

Brittney Meyer (Santa Barbara, CA)Brittney Meyer (Santa Barbara, CA)

“I feel extremely proficient in treating both musculoskeletal and internal systems. The amount of lessons was perfect - enough to "get it" but not too much information that I felt overwhelmed. The online classes were accessible, inclusive, interactive and effective. Helen has done an incredible job with this course!”

Lily Hawkins, Nectar Skincare (Bozeman, MT)Lily Hawkins, Nectar Skincare (Bozeman, MT)

Course Structure

  • 1
    Course Information
    • Complete Registration
    • Part 1 :: AIRFI Membership Form
    • Part 2 :: Participation Agreement (please read)
    • Part 3 :: Postage Address - where would you like your course package to be shipped?
    • Local Meeting Poll
    • Welcome
  • 2
    • Basic Information
    • Course Modules
    • Live Call Link + Replays
    • Facebook Group
    • Empty Maps :: Download
    • DCZ® Operator Manual (ebook)
  • 3
    Module 1
    • Introduction
    • History
    • Reflexology
    • Tools
    • Protocol :: Part 1
    • Protocol :: practice
    • Protocol :: Part 2
    • Seated Treatment :: Outline
    • Seated Treatment :: Practice
    • Yang Map
    • Recap + Assignment
    • Assessment 1
    • Live Call - Sep 5th
  • 4
    Module 2
    • Manual Pages + External Organs Map
    • Introduction
    • Protocol: Part 3
    • Protocol: Practice
    • Yang & Yin
    • Rodin
    • Penfield
    • Spine Flip
    • Exercise
    • Revision of Maps
    • Vietnamese Heritage
    • Recap + Assignment
    • Assessment 2
    • Live Call - Sep 12th
  • 5
    Module 3
    • Internal Organ Maps
    • Internal Systems :: Respiratory
    • Internal Systems :: Circulatory
    • Internal Systems :: Digestive
    • Internal Systems :: Urinary
    • Internal Systems :: Nervous
    • Internal Systems :: Reproductive
    • Internal Systems :: Recap
    • Standard Practice
    • Sharing Maps
    • Recap + Assignment
    • Assessment 3
    • Live Call - Sep 19th
  • 6
    Module 4
    • In the Treatment Room
    • Consultation :: Suggested Questions
    • 30 Minute Practical
    • Common Pointers
    • 60 Minute Practical
    • Meet :: Beatrice Moricoli
    • Beauty + Facial Reflexology
    • Sharing + Educating
    • Welcome to AIRFI
    • Recap + Assignment
    • Live Call - Sep 26th
  • 7
    Next Steps
    • Student Feedback Survey
    • Continued Learning

Unique + Potent

There's nothing else like it...

  • Over 16 hours of online training plus live Q+A

  • Regular revision calls and events throughout the year

  • The most complete Facial Reflexology training available to everyone


  • Helen Black

    Helen Black

    Fully authorised (AIRFI affiliated)

    Helen is passionate about sharing this extraordinary technique as a means of personal care for the masses. After years exploring the realm of alternative medicine she considers Dien Chan Zone® to be in a league of its own and has become an advocate for its often immediate and deeply transformative results.

Reflexology for All

This course is for everyone. There are no prerequisites.


Exclusive Bonuses

  • Manual + Professional Tool

    Full colour 76 page manual and professional metal tool posted direct to your doorstep

  • Practitioner Listing

    Find more receivers as certified practitioners on the Academy website (first 12 months)

  • Ongoing Support


    Access to private Facebook group for practitioners + online subsciption site for members designed to deepen your practice and widen your service


  • How long is the course?

    The course is shared as 4 modules released over 4 weeks. Each module lasts 2-3 hours plus assignments and once weekly live calls. It should take about 16-20 hours to complete all sections. Late entries will have access to the full course immediately.

  • When are the live calls held?

    Live calls are held via zoom on Thursday 30th January, 6th, 13th and 20th February at 10am EST / 9am CT/ 7am PST (3pm GMT). All calls are recorded and replay links available to participants. All calls are recorded and available for late sign ups to view from the time of purchase.

  • Will I always have access to the training videos?

    Students will have access to all learning materials for 4 months from the course start date. This round access terminates on 30th May 2020.

  • When will I receive my instrument and manual?

    You will be posted one professional instrument plus manual up to one month before your course starts. International postage can take 10-15 working days. You do not need either to begin your study.

  • What happens once I'm certified?

    Once you are certified as an Operator you will have access to our EXPAND site which houses recorded monthly live revision calls plus downloadable resources. Stay in touch with ongoing support via our private international Facebook group for practitioners.

  • What if I can't keep up with the pace or join the live calls?

    You can always catch up before your meeting and revise in the time that follows. There's no obligation to study 'in time' with the group.

  • Do I have to attend an in-person meeting to join this course?

    No. To complete training and become certified participants must attend one 2 hour completion call with Helen within 4 months from the course start date.

  • Do I need to be a professional?

    No. Anybody can study for use to treat themselves, family members and close friends. In order to practice in a professional capacity, you must meet the legal requirements in your country / state.

  • Is the course refundable?

    No. All purchases are final. No excpetions.

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