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Mirror Medicine Founder Amala Black ​is a leading expert and trainer in the field of Facial Reflexology. Her studies began 8 years ago when she encountered the lineage of teaching which connects directly to the original formulators of this technique as well as its ancient heritage in Vietnam.

Since then her international work has ignited widespread interest in the genre and brought thousands of students to engage with her platform and courses.

Ever the skeptic she was hard won by her initial experiences overcoming gluten intolerance and regulating hormonal imbalance with nothing more than her hands on her face. 

Since then she has witnessed and facilitated the "miraculous" healing of countless ailments across the board and is endlessly awed by the transformational possibilities of this work.

On this site you can locate a practitioner near you or connect with one of her trainees that offer online sessions. To work with Amala or to learn about the rest of her work click here.


This modality of Facial Reflexology, originally from Vietnam has been developed in Italy to meet the needs of Westerners. 

The heart-led work of Beatrice Moricoli, based in Milan, has created a therapeutic possibility like no other:

1. Relaxing treatments to soothe even the most overworked nervous system

2. A system of self healing made so simple that can be overlooked - which provides equally potent results quickly

3. An easy, approachable and resource-free mode of Natural rebalance available to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANY PLACE.

To date, Mirror Medicine is the only platform offering this certified training in English. 

There are 3 online trainings available online.

To become fully qualified as a DCZ® Reflexologist you must complete level 1 & 2 then attend our 6 day in-person seminar in Italy.

Introductory - Self Care with DCZ®

Learn how to apply facial reflexology as a personal medicine for yourself to address common ailments such as headaches and back pain to urinary infections and nose bleeds.


Book a 1:1 session with one of our practitioners to be guided in your practice, understanding and on the journey of self-empowerment.

Level 1 - DCZ® Operator

Everything you need to know to work with others

A very thorough introduction to Facial Reflexology, it's history, it's function and it's uses. How to work with all of the major internal systems and external organs. This course is open to everyone.

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*free preview available


Level 2 - DCZ® Advanced

Open to certified Operators by invitation

The complete technique - full body Multireflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine additions, First Aid, Beauty Massage, Cranial Reflexology and Physiognomy.

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