My vision

when the unseen

is experienced

what is dark

can return to light

all it takes

to live in paradise

is our own might


My name is Helen Black. 

I am also called Amala.

I guide you in remembering:

- who you are

- why you came

- what the signs are telling you

I help you connect to Self

because the world is your mirror and you are the medicine.


Integrating being human + being spirit 

involves recognising that, to some degree,

you are living in a state of amnesia.

That's okay! Because once you realise you have forgotten, you can start to remember. 

You know:

- what every pain and discomfort really means

- how to heal your body naturally

- how to build a business of the Golden Age

- how to give and receive unconditioned love

- what is needed of you in your community

- what brings you deep sustained happiness

We all know.

Sometimes it helps to be reminded.

It is my passion and my privilege to walk with you into the unseen = back to Self. 

You already know


Trainings that

equip you with tools 

to infuse life with intention + sovereignty.


Reach out and touch me!

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