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be healed by ​

your touch

Facial Reflexology is a conversation with your body and its component parts (mind, emotions, spirit).

Resolve and manage all kinds of symptoms by initiating your 
self-healing powers using nothing more than your fingers on your face.

Reflex zones are stimulated with ease and accessible to all.

Natural, effective, self administered healthcare -
right in front of your nose!

You are the


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Contact your 

Mirror Medicine has trained over 700 level 1 DCZ® Operators since 2017 along with only 10 level 2 fully-fledged DCZ® Reflexologists who can be found in various locations around the world.

The best way to experience this life-changing work is in person as a hands-on therapy.
Find a practitioner who studied through Mirror Medicine, have them guide you through your self-practice and commit to a few months minimum application. We can't recommend a better way to become empowered in your healthcare.
As of September 2022, this site is no longer active and all professional trainings are terminated.