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The lifespan of Mirror Medicine an online and offline school of empowerment, embodiment and consciousness (through Facial Reflexology) was altogether short, potent and transformative.


Thank you to the over 1000 receivers and course participants that came to study with me in one form or another. Without you all the radical and re-defining message of this work and it’s impact on the field of reflexology would not have been possible.


Thank you to my teacher and the lineage of wisdom keepers tracing back to Vietnam for keeping this timeless medicine within living memory.


To all who have benefited from the simple instructions of gentle touch along with the codes of form and awareness that universally liberate personal medicine into the hands of people around the world - may you keep exploring the poetry of the body and the wonders within!


My own path continues to deepen so that the tools I am able to provide - in service as ever to embodiment, empowerment and consciousness - are ever more amplified and individualised.


I work a lot 1:1 to deliver these at the moment and will soon open my own school with trainings for groups to explore the physical and light bodies with ever more depth and to provide ever more holistic results.


From physical healing to the core of alchemy - from the face to the cosmos. It’s all one. And I look forward to continue supporting the ones who arrive here, even if it will be somewhere different than you expected…


Don’t the best journeys always go that way!?


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Amala (formerly Helen) Black

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