be healed by ​

your touch

Facial Reflexology is a conversation with your body and its component parts (mind, emotions, spirit).

Resolve and manage all kinds of symptoms by initiating your 
self-healing powers using nothing more than your fingers on your face.

Reflex zones are stimulated with ease and accessible to all.

Natural, effective, self administered healthcare -
right in front of your nose!

You are the


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Currently, the only way to learn about facial reflexology (Dien Chan Zone®) with Mirror Medicine Founder Amala Black is one on one.


As an English speaking expert, fully authorised trainer and highly experienced practitioner she is available in consultation to: 


 ⁃ Answer all questions

 ⁃ Support your personal application

 ⁃ Advise you in your service


To schedule a session or enquire further send the team an email.

Meanwhile, for all enquiries about professional trainings, materials or continued education please contact


We recommend this school above all others as a source of professional level education.