• Online

    Students study at their own pace on their own terms. Basic training lasts 4 weeks (with 3 months access)

  • In-Person

    Regular seminars are organised for students to meet their teacher, exchange treatments and develop their skills

  • Continued Learning

    Practitioners access members' community site designed to deepen their practice and widen their service

Student Experience

I’ve gained so much more than I was seeking. This treatment is soul connecting and healing. Not just another “tool”. It really is like nothing else I have ever studied.


This course gave me permission and knowledge to work on myself and my family. For over 30 years, I’ve suffered with neck pain… 2 weeks of self-treatment and I decided to cancel my chiropractor appointment.


This experience was extraordinary! Truly an honor. What I’ve learned is invaluable! The delivery was warm and clear throughout the online course. Seamless.

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The next training will launch in September 2019

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Advanced Training (2019 - 2020)

This course is under construction and will launch soon.

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About the Teacher

  • Helen Black

    Helen Black

    Fully authorised (AIRFI affiliated)

    Helen is passionate about sharing this extraordinary technique as a means of personal care for the masses. After years exploring the realm of alternative medicine she considers Dien Chan Zone® to be in a league of its own and has become an advocate for its often immediate and deeply transformative results.